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The Joy Of Expressing One

May 16th, 2017

I love it! Creativity is expressed in numerous ways, too numerous to mention, is what makes life so interesting. I remember thinking when I first showed my work publicly, which was many years ago, thinking, right; all the world needs now is another artist Then I sold my first painting, second, third, and have now been selling my art for many years. I soon realized the world does need more artists, singers, poets, writers, musicians, in all creative arts because for every artist style of expression there is someone who will connect with their work. As they say in the World of Art, it is all in the eyes of the beholder. That is what makes the world of art so exciting.
We are all creative beings. We are constantly creating our world whether it is negative or positive. Everywhere we look, everything we use came from a creative thought. THOUGHT IS CREATIVE. The chair you are sitting on was first a thought; the computer I am using, a thought; man travelling to the moon, a thought in someone's mind long before it came into existence.
Look around the room. What do you see? A lamp, table, clock, candles, your dwelling - all came from a creative thought. We are constantly using this creative energy, some to a greater extent than others, but nevertheless, we use it on a daily basis in our lives. It flows through all of us.
This creative energy is manifested in thousands, millions of different ways; as many ways as there are minds inhabiting this planet. It can be used by an individual in a hurtful against others or against oneself or for good and the betterment of mankind. It is our choice how we use it. Regardless, this creative energy is there for all to use, to explore and to express through our individual selves. No one has more or less than another. It is the same for everyone.
Some individuals have opened themselves more to this energy than others. These are the great geniuses of the world; the visionaries who have dared to trust their dreams and intuition, entrusting the world with the gifts of their labors. Others work very hard at stifling the flow of this creative energy by not fully expressing their gifts and talents and, in the process, withhold their love and uniqueness from others and the world.
To be all you can be is truly an act of forgiveness - forgiving a parent, sibling, teacher, or anyone who made you feel unworthy; or what you had to say wasn't important or how you expressed yourself wasn't good enough. These impressions and beliefs, instilled from a young age, can cause a person to make some very profound decisions about who they are and, as a result, (unconsciously) hold themselves back from expressing themselves more fully.
As artists, if we find we are holding back from truly expressing our gifts, we need to take a journey inward and ask ourselves some questions. Is there possibly any deep hurt, anger, guilt or fear that we may be harboring towards ourselves or others? If so, release them, let them go. Get help, if you need to, but do not keep them bottled up inside. Sometimes, it feels fearful revisiting old hurts or fears but by taking ownership, acknowledging them, and responsibly feeling them they will no longer have the negative power over you they once had. This pertains to anyone who would like to experience more abundantly this wonderful, joyful, creative force and feel more fully alive.
Love and Blessings,

The Road Less Travelled

February 17th, 2013

Recently, I read an article by Leslie Neilson who owns “Inspired Living” in Boyne City, MI. She’s a wonderful gal with a gentle loving spirit, who is very knowledgeable about her products. Leslie shared how she was living her dream, and states that had she taken a different path, she might have had a totally different experience, one that would not have been her dream or living her life’s purpose.

My dear friend, Jan, who is also a creative (a successful publisher) has been urging me to write “Blogs”. She has always been very supportive of my creative endeavors so I take her advice seriously. I wasn’t sure what I would say, and then I remembered Leslie’s words from her article and how after reading them, I gave thought to the paths in the road I had taken on my life’s journey. It seems I always choose the “road less travelled”. To this day, I do not regret any of my career choices, since they all led me to this very moment in which I have a multitude of blessings.

My two career choices, my passions, have been art and spirituality. I have managed to give both as much energy as possible. I thought at one time I had to choose between them until I realized they work hand in hand. When I was focusing on the counseling and teaching programs, I used my creativity and art in bringing new ideas into these areas which proved very helpful and supportive to my students and clients.

While painting, many times the spiritual aspects of my teachings came through in my work. Images appear. Images, I hadn’t deliberately painted, and on seeing them I would enhance what was coming through. An example is the “Mother and Child” painting on my website. When I dropped paint onto the paper the baby appeared and so did the mother. I used color and value to give them depth so whoever viewed them could experience their fullness.

The painting “Birds of a Feather” was again a happening. That is what I now call them “happenings,” since I didn’t deliberately paint the images; they just appeared when the paint came in contact with the paper or canvas. Over the years I have had some incredible “happenings”. I am often in awe of what materializes. Needless to say, as an artist it is very exciting.

I have always lived my passion and loved what I do, although it hasn’t been easy being true to my craft as most artists will agree. When most of the population is going with the flow of life (these are society’s left brain, logical, analytical types), the creative artist (processing more readily from the right side of the brain) is swimming upstream against the current—status quo. They have been branded crazy, different, strange, eccentric, derelicts, irresponsible, rebels and so on. In fact, they have been given a bad rap, but some of these “eccentric crazies” have made incredible contributions to society. Some of their biographies would make your head spin. Their lives were never boring.

Times change, artists are more sophisticated now, still some “crazies and eccentrics” but all in all, many professional artists are just that – professionals, like any other individual in a professional career. They have to be in order to survive in the world of the logic-left brain majority. They perfect their skill, work hard and set up successful businesses (not their best aptitude, but they do it anyway). It is a competitive world in the art business so they have to keep on their toes juggling to make time to paint, to create and still run a business.

It takes courage, passion and a belief in oneself to succeed. Artists bring beauty to a more or less colorless world. They bring magic from their world and their hearts to a canvas, a sheet of music, an instrument, a piece of clay or marble, stirring the imagination and hearts of others to move forward to be all they can be. They challenge individuals to go beyond their psyche into their deepest emotions.

Love and Blessings,

For Art Lovers...The Secrets of Buying Art

February 11th, 2013

For Art Lovers...The Secrets of Buying Art

Art and creativity can feed our souls. It is an extension of who we are. Color can play a major role in our lives for optimum health and well-being. Many people are color starved. We often create a very bland existence. I call it "playing safe" - white, beige, and the basic neutrals. Neutrals can have their place, as white can, but it still needs a splash of color here or there to bring it to life. Red evokes passion, blue calmness or the feel of the seaside. Emotions are stirred by color.